TGGJ Provides:

  • Chair
  • Desk
  • Power
  • Internet (most rooms). There are 2 electrical outlets per machine (monitor + machine).

This year, George Brown CAN provide you with a machine!

For George Brown students, it’s the same machine you’ve come to love. If you’re not a George Brown student, you may request one. It comes with Windows 7 64-bit and the Adobe CS6 suite and more. The catch? Any software you install will be removed if you restart. Additionally, the monitor uses the Apple Mini DisplayPort standard, meaning it’s not VGA, DVI or HDMI compatible.

Please let us know on your registration form if you require a GBC machine. Full details about the machine here.

You can/should bring:

  • George Brown has beautiful 24″ Apple monitors available. They are NOT VGA, DVI or HDMI compatible. If you want to use it, you’ll need to bring a Mini DisplayPort adapter. Those adapters will be worth more than gold.
  • Should you require more than 2 outlets, bring a powerbar.
  • Change for street parking meters. Money for parking attendants. We’re concerned some might not accept credit or debit.
  • George Brown has a microwave you can use. Unfortunately, given 222+ people are physically attending, we cannot offer much room in the fridge/freezer. Try to avoid bringing anything that requires refrigeration/freezing (or bring a cooler). There is a 24 Hour Sobey’s within a 10 minute walk. Consider buying frozen lunches at lunch and microwaving them right away.
  • Water Bottle/Cup/Mug – for tap water or coffee. .
  • Cash to buy food .
  • Gum. You can never have too much gum.
  • Comfortable atire…I mean you wanna look good, right?
  • Headphones! You will probably need music to drown out conversation around you. Music for those headphones. Until Sunday 8:00pm, speakers are outlawed.
  • USB Key / Portable Hard Drive. If we have network problems, you’ll need this to transfer files between team members.
  • Gamepads (recommend XBOX). Easier for people to play your game on Sunday evening.
  • Umbrella… ella… ella.
  • Pencil & Paper, if that’s how you roll
  • Install files for large software you use (DVDs, CDs, hard drive), just in case. The performance of our network (unknown at this point) may make large downloads unfeasible.
  • DVDs of Sound Effects, Music, and Graphic Assets – in case Internet access poses problems.
  • Digital Camera – because everyone knows game programmers are renowned for their good looks
  • Medication – Allergy. Heartburn. Asthma. You’re going to be here for a long time.

Last, but most important, don’t forget to bring a well thought out game design! If you just start thinking about your game idea on Friday night, it will be too late.

Bring EXTRA Stuff

People, including your organizers, always forget to bring stuff. Bringing extra stuff means if someone forgets to bring an item, you get to be a hero! I’ll announce requests for extra stuff during the jam. Label your stuff!

We’re looking for extra:

  • Extension cords, Power Bars
  • Ethernet cable, Hubs/Routers
  • Apple Power Adaptor and Cord
  • Laptop Power Adaptor
  • USB Keys / Flash drives
  • Cables – VGA, HDMI, USB, Power – people constantly forget these
  • XBOX Controllers (Wired or Wireless) / PC XBOX Wireless Adapters
  • Mice, Mousepads, Tablets!
  • Scanners
  • Headphones
  • Anything you can think of

Don’t go out of your way to bring any of these items, since we may not need them. If it’s relatively easy for you to bring any of these, thanks in advance!