Jam Rules


  1. At the event, don’t be a jerk :) This includes complaining about the event and how it should be organized!!!

  2. Game MUST be finished Sunday Jan 27th @ 8:00pm. We post that version.

  3. Game must meet the game requirements.

  4. You are responsible for your game’s posting to the Global Game Jam site, and for double checking their deadlines (we will help as much as we can!)

  5. Respect your fellow jammers. Keep your voice down where people are working. Use the hallways for team meetings, brainstorming, and socializing. Don’t monopolize precious desk real estate (musicians and their equipment are the only exception).

  6. You cannot bring a pre-created game to the event. You can bring libraries of existing code to handle the standard stuff i.e. displaying graphics, processing keyboard input, playing music, matrix rotation, collision detection, etc. In fact, we encourage you to do this. Less time rebuilding the wheel = more time building your game.

  7. You MUST list the technologies used to create your game (including all libraries homegrown or otherwise). We will provide a form for this.

  8. No playing games, unless it’s the one you’re creating.

  9. We reserve the right to refuse attendance & or admittance to anyone we see fit.

  10. Clothes are not optional and must be worn at all times…good god people!

  11. No alcohol in the Jam space – This is a site-rule, and can lose us the site if violated, so please be smart!


The Global Game Jam will provide all the participating jams with a theme at 5pm (local time) on January 24, 2014.

The theme set out by Global Game Game will include some achievements along with the theme.

The GGJ Achievement system could really just as well be called diversifiers. It is a system aimed at diversifying the games as well as providing motivation for experienced game jammers. In a sense, the achievements are a free-for-all voluntary list of secondary constraints, that the individual teams can choose to go for, or not, as they please. If they do go for one or more achievements, they get to tick off those achievements as fulfilled when uploading their game.

As stated above, the achievements are absolutely voluntary, and no points are given for achieving them. If you are a first time team of students, we recommend that you focus primarily on the overall constraint, and only add in extra achievements if you feel sure you will have something to hand in on sunday.